" It's Andrew Jackson, It's John Kerry and he's jacked!" - Jerma985

Andrew Jackerry Jacked is a wrestler who lives in the Commonwealth Wasteland.

Creation Edit

Andrew Jackerry Jacked was created by Jerma in Fallout 4 a week prior to the Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition. When making a character Jerma went for the jacked but presidential look. Trying to make Andrew Jackson, he ended up giving him a John Kerry chin and haircut. Due to his appearance Jerma properly named him Andrew Jackerry Jacked.

Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition Edit

Andrew Jackerry Jacked made his appearance in the Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition despite Jerma stating he hates Fallout 4 and this character. In the crashed Rumble almost as soon as he entered the ring he eliminated Glue Man but was later eliminated by the VR Guy. In the complete Rumble, Andrew was eliminated by Agent 47 in less than 60 seconds.