The Bandits are a group of outlaws on the outskirts of the barbarian village of Elvenwood. they have been established as "idiots" and several were dispatched with ease by Karl Griffinsteed.

Appearance Edit

The Bandits at the entrance to Castle Griffinsteed Appear to be middle age, human Caucasian females slightly taller than Karl Griffinsteed ,They wear dark robes with a hood.

History Edit

It is unknown whether The Bandits are former residents of Elvenwood, or if they are from another village. a group of 2 bandits were seen waiting for Karl Griffinsteed in an outpost, They attempt to kill him but are quickly dispatched and killed by him, this is due to Karl's immunity to Blades wielded by "idiots". It is quite possible they were hired by The Military to protect Castle Griffinsteed from Karl Griffinsteed. it is unknown if the group has been dismantled in the following years after Karl Griffinstead discovered the secrets of Castle Griffinstead.