"It's my birthday!!"
―Blue Man
"Wow, that's great pick choice for favoritest movie, I wonder if I have to think that now."
―Blue Man's last words
Blue Man was one of three thieves in the movie Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure.


Blue Man is a treasure thief and one of the three gang members who plot to steal the Mayan Treasure. Not much is known about Blue Man's life until the famous heist.

In the critically acclaimed film, Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure, Blue Man played the vital role of driving and distracting. Blue Man insisted on driving to the restaurant because it was his birthday. While on the road, he managed to kill at least 3 people.

Blue Man's distraction came after the rats attacked. He confronted the rats and talked about his favorite movie, The Movie. He than asked The Giant Rat if that was his favorite movie, to which he curtly replied that Frozen was his favorite. The Giant Rat attempted to strike Blue Man. In one swift motion, Blue Man kicked the Giant Rat, ending its life. He stopped to reconsider his best movie choice, and gave the next Giant Rat the chance to advance. The new Giant Rat struck Blue Man, leaving him on the ground to die.