Burgah Boy, A.K.A. Matt, is one of Jerma's childhood friends and one of the first ever Jermaverse characters to appear in Jerma's videos. He still makes appearances to this day.

History Edit

He is speculated to be a pirate, as his pirate name is "Cheese Crumbs", according to Jerma. This is because cheese crumbs are often found in Burgah Boy's beard.

In The Ring Edit

Jerma Rumble 1 Edit

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Jerma Rumble - Live Action Edit


Other Appearances Edit

2000 Subs Extravaganza! Edit

Burgah Boy made his first appearance in the Jerma Universe in the video "2000 Subs Extravaganza!", where he was dressed up as the Team Fortress 2 Engineer, along with Jerma who was dressed as the TF2 Scout. They were celebrating Jerma achieving 2,000 YouTube subscribers by doing a skit where Jerma would stun Burgah Boy by hitting him in the head with a baseball, a reference to The Sandman weapon used by the Scout in TF2, and throwing three different cakes at him.

15,000 Subs Insanity! Twinkie/Pie Eating Contest: Grandpa and Jerma Shoutcast. Edit

Burgah Boy made an appearance, along with Exoskeleton Bug Millenium Boy, having a contest of who could eat the most twinkiest the fastest. Unsurprising to everybody, Burgah Boy won with a whopping 11 to ESBMB's 9. Later in the video the two also competed in who could eat a pie the fastest, Burgah Boy once again winning overwhelmingly. Burgah Boy is just a real winner here.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Burgah Boy plays The Egg in his live action appearances, such as the recent Jerma Rumble - Live Action
  • Burgah Boy helped Jerma and his current girlfriend Kim meet
  • Burgah Boy is married and has a boy

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