The Byeahs are a large, grotesque race that serve no purpose in society or the Jermaverse. Byeahs are nearly always drunk, babbling incoherent nonsense; this includes noises such as "Byeahbadabadoo," or any ordinary word in the English language combined with "byeah."

Byeahs will hold a meeting every month to see if they still agree on the aspects of their lifestyles. It's always a short meeting in which one Byeah names a particular food or hobby, to which the rest shout "Byeah" to show agreement. It is unknown what happens to any Byeahs who disagree, or if they are even capable of doing so. In Jerma's Red Faction Guerrilla stream, Jerma confirms that "there's like 600 million of them". It's also hard to count them individually, as most of them all share the same appearance. Because of this, nearly all Byeahs are identified by outsiders using numbers or (as of Jermania 2014) characteristics.

Byeahs are often found on the sides of streets. They are especially common in Liberty City. They are known, however, to be able to inhabit other areas and invade other worlds.

Physical Appearance Edit


Close-up of a Byeah.

Byeahs generally have large gray beards and long gray hair. They are all dirty and overweight (though exceptions can be found, such as Byeah #788's Imposter), if not obese. They wear leather jackets or simple t-shirts stained with sweat, dark jeans, black shoes and black leather gloves. Most of them have a large quantity of tattoos over their arms. Some of them wear different clothing, such as sunglasses, or bandannas around their heads.


Byeahs are generally pacifistic, attacking only when necessary, and move in groups, devouring the land as they go. They are not very smart, and are often aloof and unaware of outside forces, to such an extent that they will not react to being shot. Their diet mainly consists of hot dogs and hamburgers, and especially McDonald's Happy Meals. As stated by Jerma, if multiple Byeahs are in a room with only one Happy Meal, they'll instantly start fighting each other for it. Recreational activities practiced by Byeahs include bar fighting, wrestling, and bug collecting.

The Byeahs own a collective bank account that contains about $16 at any given time. Byeahs are ranked by number, and each week the Byeah at the top of the list assumes the "chief Byeah" position. The chief Byeah controls the bank account, which somehow has a 2000% interest rate. If the Byeahs were to save their money, they would be incredibly rich after a matter of years. However, each week the head Byeah spends most of the $16 on burgers, steak, and beer.

In the Jerma Rumbles, Byeahs are very common participants, some events even featuring multiple of them. In spite of this, no event allowing anyone other than Byeahs has ever been won by a Byeah. Four Byeahs once caused a commotion at Jermania 2014, getting into a drunken backstage brawl match when they were originally supposed face each other a cage match.

Notable Byeahs Edit

In order of chronological appearance'.

Johnella Farin (The Female Byeah)

Johnella being arrested.

Johnella Farin, also known as The Female Byeah and Bullfrog Byeah Lady, is a citizen of Mega-City One, notably twice the size of a regular Byeah, requiring wheels to move. She was rather egotistical for a Byeah, wearing an "Oh Yeah!" shirt and yelling at people that she was all skin and bones, eventually she was arrested by Judge Dredd, and received a three-month sentence for obstruction. She is one of the three female Byeah currently known to exist, the other two having been killed by vampires. 


Byeah #36 Edit


Byeah #36 waving to the crowd

Byeah #36 was the fourth wrestler in the first Jerma Rumble. He was quickly eliminated by Gabe Newell with a powerful kick, without eliminating anyone else.

                                                                                                                  Byeah #284 Edit


Byeah #284 doing the exact same thing that Byeah #36 is doing.

Byeah #284 was the fifth wrestler in the first Jerma Rumble. As observed by Jerma, he seemed to have been more drunk than the average Byeah. He presumably eliminated The Spy, but after around a minute he was eliminated by Bat Boy.



Byeah #419 / Big Boy Byeah Edit


Byeah #419 was the twentieth and final wrestler in the first Jerma Rumble, being the third and final Byeah of the event. He reappeared in Jermania 2014, choosing instead to be known as Big Boy Byeah.

In the first Jerma Rumble, Big Boy Byeah made his entrance amidst a row of exploding fireworks, following this with a massive "Byeah" to a nearby camera. The entrance was described by Jerma as "spectacular". In spite of his extravagant appearance and entrance, after 28 seconds he was dumped out by Jerma.

Big Boy Byeah returned in Jermania 2014 as part of a four-way Byeah Battle Royale. Though at the beginning it was intended to be a cage match, the battle was fought preemptively in a nearby parking garage as the four of them got into a drunken brawl over a Happy Meal snacks . Big Boy Byeah won the Byeah Battle Royale after knocking out King Byeah and Lumberjack Byeah.

As Big Boy Byeah walked away from his fallen foes, he was hit by a car, the driver shortly thereafter revealed to be another Byeah claiming that he is "the only Byeah that matters". His status is unknown.

Mario Byeah Edit

Mario Byeah was the tenth wrestler in the second Jerma Rumble. The only Byeah of the event, he was introduced by Jerma as "the most iconic video game character to ever live", although he is just a Byeah with a Mario costume and a short beard (presumably shaved for the event). His reason for disguising as Mario is unknown.

He is definitely the most powerful and agile Byeah, as he does a number of back-flips, roundhouse kicks, and his favorite move, the flying double kick. Because of his weight, he is not easily eliminated and has high endurance. He eliminates the 30's Milkman and the Easter Bunny, and notably Ma3la afterward with a flying dropkick. He, in turn, is eliminated when Santa Claus drops him over the edge of the ring.

In the highlight reel of deceased wrestlers shown before the third Jerma Rumble, Mario Byeah is seen getting slammed by Martin Van Buren on top of two tables, resulting in Van Buren's death. However, Mario Byeah managed to survive this move.

Sexy Byeah, Lumberjack Byeah, & King Byeah Edit

Sexy Byeah, Lumberjack Byeah, & King Byeah are three of the four participants in Jermania 2014's Byeah Battle Royale along with Big Boy Byeah mentioned above. Big Boy Byeah eliminated both Lumberjack Byeah and King Byeah, while Sexy Byeah was eliminated by Lumberjack Byeah.

Byeah #4602 Edit


Byeah #4602 was seen in the deceased wrestlers highlight reel before the third Jerma Rumble. It was stated that he was sentenced to life in prison, although he has never appeared in the ring. He looks quite similar to Byeah #284, however; it is possible that they are the same Byeah, and Jerma forgot the number.

Byeah #846 Edit


Byeah #846 looking pretty sad.

Byeah #846 was the eighteenth wrestler in the third Jerma Rumble. He is apparently skilled in origami. He stayed in the ring for about three minutes before getting eliminated by Gabe Newell.

                                                                                                                                                                               Byeah #788 Edit


Byeah #788 moments before he decides to leave.

Byeah #788 was the planned sixteenth wrestler in the Live Action Jerma Rumble. Despite this, he was not able to even get to the ring as he suddenly felt unwell. Seeing that he won't be able to participate in the Rumble, he called in an imposter (detailed below) who wore his jacket and fought in his stead. He is most likely the biggest drug addict of all the Byeahs, what was shown after he entered the arena with a joint in his mouth.

Byeah #788's ImposterEdit


The impostor ready for action.

An unknown Byeah donned the clothes of Byeah #788 and entered the ring as the sixteenth wrestler in the Live Action Jerma Rumble, trying and failing to deceive Jerma and the audience. Especially for a Byeah, the imposter is quite skinny.

As he got into the ring he was instantly hit by The Two Person Horse's special move. Later, the Imposter, the Audience Member, and Winston all worked together to eliminate the Top Half of the Two Person Horse. The Imposter was eliminated and killed later on when The Magician used magic to tear out his heart.

Byeah #882 Edit

Byeah -882

Byeah #882 jumping up and down moments before leaving the arena after finishing his promo

Byeah #882 appeared in the Stream Edition of Jermania. He first appeared on stage, establishing himself as a Heel in a speech delivered in the Byeah Language but subtitled for the audience to understand.

During the True Rumble, he was the seventh wrestler and was eliminated by the Archmage of Mampang with a right hook. In the Crashed Rumble alternate universe, Byeah #882 eliminated JermaMoon by punching him out of the ring but was later eliminated by Sluggo The Melted Action Figure.

Byeah -882 -2

Byeah #882 In Jermania 2017

In Jermania - Stream Edition 2017 Byeah #882 was featured in the pre-show mini rumble match, which Jerma said is full of characters that don't matter and are not in Jerma Rumble 2017. In the mini rumble he was eliminated by James Madison and he eliminated no one.

The Byeah Leader and some other byeahs moments before the other byeahs were killed.

The Byeah Leader Edit

The Byeah Leader appeared in most of Jerma's GTA 4 videos. He also made an appearance on Jermania 2014. He drove over Big Boy Byeah and stated that he is "the only Byeah that matters". His status is currently unknown. He also can't die, he has died on multiple occasions but he always got resurrected soon after. He is most likely to be alive.


BDDBB making his way to the ring with his signature motorcycle.


Bootleg Duck Dynasty Byeah Batman, or BDDBB for short, first appeared in Jermania - Stream Edition 2017. He is shown as presumably the only Byeah that owns and frequently uses a motorcycle. Both in the true and crashed 2017 Jerma Rumble BDDBB was eliminated fairly quickly without managing to eliminate anyone else.

​Fanon byeahs Edit

The following Byeahs are not considered canon in the Jermaverse.  

Smaller Than Average Byeah Edit

This Byeah was never actually seen and wasn't even made by Jerma, but made an appearance on a recent stream. Smaller Than Average Byeah was made by a Youtuber called DubskiDude in the video called "The Second Meeting of the Byeahs - Voice acting". In this video he asks about a very large rat outside the premises, and whether or not the rules the large rat makes applies to the Byeahs, to which the Head Byeah answers that they only apply to rats.

Larger Than Average Byeah Edit

This Byeah was never actually seen and wasn't created by Jerma, but made an appearance alongside Smaller Than Average Byeah. Larger Than Average Byeah was made by a Youtuber called DubskiDude in the video called "The Second Meeting of the Byeahs - Voice acting". In this video he says "Yeah, I was looking over the interest rates and uh, why is there 2000% interest rate, I thought it was supposed to be 1985?", to which the Head Byeah answers that it's a very easy question - that it should be a flat interest rate of about 2000%, and that it's better for the economics of Liberty City. The Larger Than Average Byeah then states that he should get himself more Jerma Bucks, to which the Byeah Leader replies that the economy is a little different nowadays, but thinks the best thing the Byeahs can do to get more Jerma Bucks is to go on Twitch.TV, where they should do comb streams, and that they are really popular with kids these days. The Larger Than Average Byeah replies that he just needs a comb now.

Trivia Edit

- Byeahs seem to struggle running and end up shitting their pants, burping, and coughing.

- It is unknown exactly how many Byeahs currently exist, however, Jerma states there's at least 600 million. If this is the case, then nearly 10% of the global population is a Byeah.

- Although many Byeahs have entered the Jerma Rumbles, collectively they have only eliminated 5 other contestants, with the most by Mario Byeah (3).

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