Captain Humphries is the protaganist of A Pirate's Life For Me! [AC4:Black Flag]. He also may have appeared in Raven's Cry is a Finished Game. He has also made an appearance in the Jerma Rumble and The Story of Me Old Bones [Battlefield 4].

Song Edit

His most noteworthy achievement is a pirate's song, which he and his crew apparently has been learning since they were 2 years old. It starts a little something like this:

The wind at our backs and the sun on the sea,

None have ever been good to me,

Feel the waves crash through the sky,

Into the deep, here, y'all must die,

Drink in my hand and a trick up my sleeve,

Lootin' and plunderin's all that I crave,

Cuss down the sails, release the reeve,

Tonight we dine....

In the ring Edit

In the first Jerma Rumble, he entered at No. 8. He eliminated Boo, survived about 7 minutes and later got eliminated by MLC St3alth. He entered with a golden rain.

Style: Stumbling about, mostly

Signature move: Uppercut

Finisher: Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • Formerly known as Abstergo, Captain BlackBear, and Captain Blackbead.
  • Has extraordinarily white teeth.
  • Doesn't have insurance for any boat accidents.
  • Occasionally forgets the difference between driving and sailing.
  • Is an excellent fighter, both armed and unarmed.
  • Used to sand wood for a living before being a pirate.
  • Is one of the characters in the Jerma Universe who knows the story of me old bones.
  • Stopped the George Washington clones by beating the living hell out of them after the Cherry tree incident.
  • Is a capable fighter jet pilot and a boat gunner, as seen in the Battlefield video.
  • His golden rain at Jerma Rumble was most likely dirty old pirate gold, since as the commentator pointed out, the gold pieces were only worth 30 dollars (not Jermabucks) each.