Daniel Michael "DannyDeVito, Jr. is an actor, trashman, and wrestler of the Jerma Wrestling Federation. 

In The Ring Edit

Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 10.23.46 PM

Danny Devito pushing Ster out of the ring

Danny Devito was only in the first Jerma rumble, he was one of the last 5 giving him an advantage over earlier competitors. In the match Devito eliminated STAR_ and The Chicken. Devito was later pushed out of the ring and thus eliminated, by Glue Man.

Fun Fact Edit

When Jerma and Burgah Boy were making the Jerma Rumble his character was supposed to be Etalyx but Burgah Boy wrote Danny Devito over Etalyx when they were making characters.

Gallery Edit

861px-Danny DeVito by Gage Skidmore

Danny Devito in real life

Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 10.21.48 PM

Devito entering the ring



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