Demon Lord Zeraxos is a character first featured in "Demon Lord at Freddy's" and was later featured in the third Jerma Rumble, where he killed several wrestlers over a feud he had with The Slim Jim Guy. He is one of the most major villains in the Jermaverse with almost unlimited power.

He briefly took over Jerma's soul and his channel to play Five Night's at Freddy's.

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

Zeraxos would appear in the third Jerma Rumble, immediately making himself a Heel, by choke slamming Grandpa into hell (it is not known if this was a scripted attack or if he literally killed grandpa) while he drunkenly sung the national anthem. Sonic would also enter early, having grown out of shape and drunk, would also be choke slammed into hell. As the person who drew number 1 hadn't even entered yet, Turtimos the adolescent warrior, the real number one drawer, would arrive, but the Demon Lord would eliminate himself by simply leaving the ring through the top rope. Around the time of entry number 9 (The Mime), Demon Lord Zeraxos would join the commentary team, explaining his actions, but before he could, entry number 10, "The Slim Jim Guy" would enter the rumble, which caused Zeraxos to explain they both had been feuding for over 2,000 years. Zeraxos explains that it wasn't fair to be in the rumble, as he could easily eliminate all the entrants due to him being "the lord of all hells", all the while showing frustration over the inclusion of Slim Jim Guy. Eventually Zeraxos would have enough, and proceeded to rush the ring (which is actually a legal move in a standard Royal Rumble match) and choke-slammed the Slim Jim Guy into hell, eliminating him from the event. Zeraxos would proceed to relish in his demon powers, cleaning house of all the remaining characters minus the Egg and Miserable Mikey. This tragic event would go on to be known as "The Zeraxos Tirade". Just when the rumble was about to be cancelled, Mr. Sneak Man would rush from under the ring to attack Zeraxos, but he was spotted, receiving a kick to the midsection, sending him to the ropes. Zeraxos, seeming to think he could do a high risk move, climed the top turnbuckle, however this allowed Mr. Sneak Man the perfect opportunity to do a choke slam of his own, off the top rope, and into the announcer table. This would severely injure Zeraxos, who would need medical help to exit the arena, much to the delight of the Jerma-Universe.

Jerma Rumble - Live Action Edit

Zeraxos appeared soon after Burgah Boy was eliminated, He was furious he was not invited to the Rumble and further offended seeing that the "Guy with a bag on his head" did participate. In his anger, Zeraxos flung a "shitty CG fireball" at the unconscious Jerma, burning him alive. Zeraxos proceeds to prepare a giant spell, causing the cameras to glitch out and the ground to shake making Dick Richard to either fall out of the arena or simply flee in terror. Zeraxos was stopped by The Apple who sneaked up behind him, stopping him from casting the spell. Seeing this, Carl Griffinsteed eliminated himself in order to help The Apple fight Zeraxos, and for all we know they are still fighting to this day.

I Expect You To Die Edit

During the events of I Expect You To Die, Zeraxos was attempting to launch a Super Virus onto Earth with the help of Zoraxis. It is prepared to launch, but Jerma disguised as a window washer breaks into where the virus is being kept and destroys it with the chemical compoud ReNnY. Zeraxos is never seen in person during these events.