"Alright, yeah, that's cool -- yeah, I like rats, nothing bad... with rats, but lemme tell ya somethin'; over my dead body are you gettin' this treasure!"
―Dick to the Rats
Dick "Dastardly" Richard is the head of a thieving group, and one of the key suspects in Rat Uprising and the Noah's Ark Toothbrush Incident. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest criminals of all time, and described as "extremely dangerous". He wears a bag over his head, a blue flight jacket with gloves that match it, and a pair of khakis


Dick Dastardly Richard has appeared in the following:Edit

Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan TreasureEdit

"And lemme tell you something, clerk! If you as so as move a muscle... I'll, make sure you stay buried in that ground there."
―Dick during his raid
In Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure, Dick Dastardly Richard serves as the main protagonist. Him and his gang, consisting of the Trench Coat Man and the Blue Man, seek the Mayan Treasure found inside the back room of a bar. Once he arrives at the bar and steals the treasure, Gerrard, Guardian of the Treasure Chest of the Mayan Temple, attempts to stop him. He, along with Dick Richard, are thwarted by the Giant Rat and his army. The Rats kill Garon, Dick Richard, and the Blue Man. They nearly get away with the treasure, too, but the Cat Police effortlessly stop them.

Rat Movie 2: The MovieEdit

"But 20 dollars is what I was told...! So, uh, you don't get shit unless I see 40 bucks."
―Dick ignorantly negotiating with Sergeant ScritchyScratch
In Rat Movie 2: The Movie, Dick Dastardly Richard arrives once again, despite the fact that he was last seen dead, along with the entire planet. Dick Richard isn't alone, however. The Trench Coat Man is still at his side. After seeing a movie that they rented from Blockbuster about the Giant Rat arriving at the Dog Capital and being shown the Noah's Ark Toothbrush, Dick Dastardly and the Trenchcoat Man set out to find it.

At a landfill, the two are unable to find the Noah's Ark Toothbrush, so they instead pick up several toothbrushes that resemble it, and decide to sell them to the Cat Police. 

Later, the criminals and the Cats meet up in the same city shown in Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure. The Cats ask for the toothbrushes. They explain that they will use them to "decimate your disgusting planet". Dick Richard, acceptant of this, requests for $40 for the two toothbrushes. They are then interrupted by Gerrard and the Giant Rat. Before they engage the Cats in a fight, Dick Richard and the Trenchcoat Man run off.

Jerma Rumble 3Edit

Richards appears in the the third iteration of the Jerma Rumble where he was oddly enough much taller than his previous appearances. In the Ring he went up against Count Chocula, Candyman and the two members of the 1997 Boston Celtics, Glue-Man and Frank Pizza. He was ultimately eliminated by the appearance of his nemisis of the same franchise The Giant Rat, whom stalked and preyed at night, in his distraction Candyman got the upper hand and pushed him out from under the ropes.

Jerma Rumble - Live Action Edit

Richard's latest appearance is in the highly anticipated Jerma Rumble Live Action. Coming in at number nine, he managed to eliminate Sonic the Hedgehog and Burgah Boy. When Demon Lord Zeraxos began casting his spell he either eliminated him from the match, or caused him to flee in panic. At that moment Dick Richard can be seen without the paper bag on his head although not much can be made out of his face thus keeping his true identity safe.