Frank Pizza is a professional basketball player and wrestler. His first appearance was during the 1997 Boston Celtics game against the Milwaukee Bucks, where the Celtics won by a whopping 198 points. He later starred as the second contestant in the third Jerma Rumble. As a wrestler, he is known best for his patented "I Have A Dump In My Pants" run.

Gabe "The Glue Man" Degrossi [BBall] Edit

Jerma Rumble 3

Jerma Rumble 3

Frank PIzza makes his first appearance in this video alongside his 1997 Boston Celtics teammate Gabe Degrossi as a shooting guard. Frank shows great proficiency in his playing throughout.

Gabe "The Glue Man" Degrossi -BBall-

Gabe "The Glue Man" Degrossi -BBall-

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

In Jerma Rumble 3, Frank Pizza appeared as the second competitor, since Turtimos was alone in the ring Frank had to enter prematurely, possibly explaining his "I have a dump in my pants" run. He eliminated no one, and was eventually eliminated by Count Chocula.

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