Frogmin (also known as Frogman) is Jerma's Dark Souls 3 Character that also made an appearance in the first ever Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition which also includes the Jermania Stream Edition. He also makes an appearance as Jerma's username in Ster's "Jerma is Mad pt.2".

Physical Appearance Edit

Frogmin has an average human body, green skin, large eyes and a black pencil mustache. In Jermania/Jerma Rumble his head is altered to look more like a frog, ridding him of the mustache and giving him larger eyes.

Jermania - Stream Edition Edit

Frogmin was one of the three contestants in the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match, the others being Easy Pete and Dr. Oetker. Although Frogmin showed great promise in his performance, being the one who spent the most time unclipping the briefcase he eventually lost when Dr. Oetker managed to get the briefcase.

Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition Edit

In the crashed Rumble, Frogmin Eliminated Flanker and later was pushed by the Mystery Man onto James Madison (Who was trying to eliminate The Earth Serpent) causing the game to freeze and crash.

In the complete Rumble after being in the ring for a while, Frogmin was entranced and simply stood staring. This was until The Analander got in to the ring, causing him to immediately and relentlessly attack The Analander. At one point James Madison interfered with their fight and was quickly thrown out of the ring by Frogmin for his trouble. Frogmin and The Analander continued their fight up until they and The Fire Serpent were the last 3 competitors. Soon after, Frogmin was eliminated by The Analander.