"Not so fast!"
―Gerrard's catchphrase
Gerrard (also known as "Garon" and "Gerald" due to some mishearing his name) is the sole guardian of the Mayan Treasure.
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Gerrard coming to protect the Mayan treasure

Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure Edit

Gerrard is first seen when standing idly inside the café with the Mayan Treasure, making him look like just a set of armor. As soon as Dick "Dastardly" Richard and his gang enter the room with the treasure, he follows to confront them, but before he's able to do anything with the thieves, he is picked up by The Giant Rat and is thrown into a pit.

Rat Movie 2: The Movie Edit

Gerrard is seen once again after being told by the rats about the Cat Police's evil plan. As he confronts them (with the toothbrush of Noah's Arc in his hand), he is hit and subsequently picked up by a plane, dropping the toothbrush. After the Cat Police transformed into a mighty giant skeleton and began chasing the Giant Rat, Gerrard comes back on a rocket and fights the skeleton, holding him back only for a short while before he is defeated. Still, he managed to keep the skeleton at bay long enough for the Giant Rat to destroy the toothbrush. Gerrard's fate is unknown.