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Dr. Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist of the Half-Life series. He is a theoretical physicist who is forced to defend himself and the Human race against hostile Aliens and other enemies following an experiment gone wrong. In the process, he becomes an almost legendary resistance hero, eventually becoming one of the leaders of an uprising against the alien invaders

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Jerma Rumble 2 Edit

Gordon Freeman made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut by entering Jerma Rumble 2 at number 6, and during his entrance he threw up three fingers, making a false claim about a third Half-Life game, thus making Gabe Newell very upset causing a sort of mini rivalry in the rumble between the two, but Freeman managed to eliminate Gabe Newell by reversing newell's signature powerbomb into a hurricanrana, causing gabe to go flying over the top rope onto the floor, eliminating him. Freeman lasted about 4 minutes and 29 seconds in the ring, and eliminated Pac-Man and gabe newell before being eliminated by Earthworm Jim, who wanted to get revenge for Gabe Newell.

Jermania 2014 Edit

Gordon Freeman made his second appearance by interfering in Gabe Newell's match against Sonic The Hedgehog and Pac-Man where he entered the ring during the match and punched Gabe in the face, who thought Freeman was coming to help him, before The Spy came down to the ring to help out Gabe by getting Freeman's attention and fighting him outside the ring and, at one point hitting him with a sledgehammer, while Gabe's match was still going on inside the ring. Just as gabe was about score the winning pin Freeman tried to stop the pin by sliding into the ring in an to attempt breaking up the pin, but ultimately was to late.

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