Hilfred J. Steelhelm, or simply referred to as "Grandpa" is supposedly Jerma's grandfather. He was first ever introduced in the video "MW3: Grandpa is an MLG Pro" where he made a commentary while playing Modern Warfare 3. Grandpa usually swears a lot during his "Let's Plays," spouting a multitude of profanities, usually making Jerma angry. Jerma has said that Grandpa is, indeed, just one of his characters. (Q&A: Need Some Questions)

Back Story Edit

Hilfred J. Steelhelm was born in 1924 (presumably) and was the strongest baby alive, his father(s) were Batman and Superman, while his mother was Wonder Woman. He was their sidekick until they all died from a roller coaster accident where the roller coaster collided with a wall of bricks. In heaven he spoke to God which said to him that he couldn't die because he had a purpose in life, which is solving world's problems, so God made him immortal and sent him back to earth. He found himself into a basket where he was taken to the Denver School for Baby Ninja Frog Peoples, where he befriended all of the frogs for the exception of a frog name Timmy which used to make fun of him. Later on Grandpa brutally murdered Timmy. Hilfred then took a job as fish peeler where he ate all of the fish scales. The events of the rest of his life is unknown as he doesn't even remember them; but at some point in life he fought World War II as a fighter pilot. He then died for the second time on June 24th 2002 (roughly at 78 years of age), where he fell off an airplane and instantly died when touching the ground. He went into Heaven once more. He was eventually enrolled in Moses' science class where he met God himself right behind him, when he walked at him near his locker he asked if he could've brought him back to life if he traded his Lunchables. God accepted the offer and brought him back to life for just five years; it is unknown how he is still alive (even Grandpa doesn't know how) as he was supposed to die on June 24th 2007 by the terms of the deal.

Physical Appearance Edit

Grandpa is represented as an old man with a light-gray mustache and black long hair. He wears a pair of round glasses, a black baseball cap, a white shirt and blue pajama pants with white stripes on them. He also wears blue long pants with a square pattern on it, and he has been seen carrying a wide variety of objects (ex. beer, sticks, etc.).

Other appearances Edit

Grandpa appears in multiple other videos playing videogames as he have a personal series called Grandpa Plays. Here are some of his appearances:

Grandpa plays Cube World: The adventure of a Lifetime! Edit

The video starts with Jerma and Grandpa talking about how to cook a pork roast; Grandpa tells Jerma several times to cook it in the pot for 2 hours, but when Jerma asks at what temperature, Grandpa then tells him to get out. He then starts the gameplay where he introduces himself, deleting Jerma's account to create a new one. He chooses to become a Male Frogman Warrior. After some wobbling around the game he gets ambushed by the Ninja Turtles. The scene then cuts off where he is confused about what to do, after killing a bumblebee he then sees the "Seven Dwarfs." He shoots an arrow at them and is literally disintegrated instantly. After some random cutscenes the video ends up with him killing a dwarf over a pineapple.

Grandpa plays The Sims 3: Dream House Drama! Edit

The video starts with Grandpa singing the Sims' main song when he gets interrupted by him knocking the lamp off the desk, after the character customization he starts building his house, the result is a sharp house with unnecessary walls, a lot of toilets, randomly placed furniture and a microwave as a tv. The video then cut to a part where he introduces Jerma and apparently he is just insulting Grandpa, the video the cuts once again as there is a scene where Grandpa has too many lights on and asks for Jerma to turns them off, instead he goes to the door when suddenly the stove spontaneously combusts, after some chaos and random peoples entering the house just to scream over the fire, the video ends with Grandpa announcing the video's end.

Super Meat Boy: Grandpa Plays Cotton Alley Edit

The video starts with Grandpa introducing himself and quietly talking as Jerma didn't allow him to play using his computer because he might've had an hearth attack, he chooses the level "Cotton Alley" as it is all pink and cottony, after he dies instantly he rages and apparently throws the controller at the window breaking it, he then gets scared while Jerma enters the room asking what happened, Grandpa then starts making up a cover story saying that a Seagull entered through the window at full speed, he tells Jerma that he said "You'd better not come over here Seagull, or I'll get really F*cking mad at you" he then tells that they fought and the seagull threw the controller onto the window, then Jerma, confused, asks him if it really happened, after Grandpa changes the story telling that Jerma knocked the controller off he says that he need to clean the mess. The video ends with Grandpa going away and Jerma whispering at the microphone: "Who would throw a controller onto a window?".

In the ring Edit

Grandpa's debut in The Jerma Rumble sees him coming in as the 14th competitor, clad in green pajamas, white socks, and a pair of shades. He then eliminates Gabe Newell and Obama, only to be eliminated by Jerma.

Grandpa returns in Jerma Rumble 2 as the 3rd competitor in the ring. He has a kendo stick and a can of soda which the announcer describes as "Now that's definitely not soda,". He eliminates STAR_, and is eliminated by Gabe Newell.

In JERMANIA 2014 Grandpa appears in the intro alongside Obama, Jerma and Glue Man. He is then introduced in the second match, returning with his kendo stick. This match is a Gauntlet match, in which Grandpa will fight all the "Shitty characters" at his own request. He is quoted as saying "Fuck the shitty characters, I'm sick of seeing them, I wanna put a stop to it once and for all.". His first opponent is the 30's Milkman which he attempts to pin several times. He then gets out of he ring and tears the top off of the commentator's desk, accusing the commentator of calling him a shitty character. He confronts STAR_ in the audience, and STAR_ punches him in the face. He then slams Milkman into the commentator's desk, breaking it entirely. Chaos ensues when The Chicken tries to enter the ring and Grandpa ends up fighting Bat Boy. Eventually Martin Van Buren, Santa and The Chicken enter the ring and overwhelm Grandpa to win the match.

Grandpa comes back again in Jerma Rumble 3 to sing the national anthem. Mid verse, Demon Lord Zeraxos comes from under the ring and choke slams Grandpa into the fire under the ring. He is supposedly killed.

He came back in Jerma Rumble: Live Action as a demon, through the portal opened up by Demon Lord Zeraxos. After a brief moment of flawlessly taking out numerous competitors (The Giant Rat and Winston), he unexpectedly died a third time from a heart attack (After having faked a heart attack just seconds before hand, therefore nobody believed him the second time).

Demon's SoulsEdit

He finally returned, albeit briefly, in Demon's Souls (Finale) - The Fall. He became enraged when Timmachine9 broke his table, attempting to fist fight the warrior. Timmachine9 decided to push Hilfred into an endless abyss, temporarily killing himself in the process.

How he escaped Hell, or how he arrived at Boletaria, is currently unknown. It is possible that this takes place before the Jerma Rumbles, since he isn't a demon, though he appears much older than usual. 

Trivia Edit

  • Grandpa may or may not be a full on "character": although Jerma stated he was a character in his Q&A, he later stated in his Post-Rumble livestream (after the Jerma Rumble Live event) that the only reason Grandpa was able to come back to life was because of the hell portal opened by Demon Lord Zeraxos, not because he had extra lives like a normal character (Ex: Sonic).
    • Therefore, Grandpa's death from his real heart attack is his last death.