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Yearly Channel Doctor's Appointment

Yearly Channel Doctor's Appointment

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Long ago, Jerma was in his room, playing Team Fortress 2 as usual. After being continuously killed by Star_, he became frustrated, loaded up WWE 2K14 and started creating characters - this led to the creation of the Jermaverse™. The Jermaverse is quite vast, filled with incredible amounts of fictional characters, and some real people too, I guess. Jerma, for the most part, does not interfere with what he has created, only stopping in to commentate for the Jerma Rumble/Mania events and even participate. Now, the Jermaverse is known for being one of the shittiest places to ever be created.

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Jerma is a content creator that makes comedic videos on the internet. He's known for his Team Fortress 2 videos and other game-oriented content. Though Jerma has now decided that his main channel will be dedicated to content he actually wants to work on, he uploads stream highlights to his second channel. He also has one of the best laughs in the universe.

Notable VideosEdit

While all of Jerma's videos are great, there are just a few that stand out from the crowd. Here are those videos.

Dork Cube!

Dork Cube!

Castle Griffinsteed

Castle Griffinsteed

TF2 - Fat Guy Engie

TF2 - Fat Guy Engie

Jerma Rumble 3

Jerma Rumble 3

Notable Gods Edit


The Egg

There are hundreds of characters in the Jerma Universe, all ranging from people in real life to fictional characters made by Jerma and other people. A list of the characters can be found here, including factions and sub-species that are also found in his videos. Many of the characters found in Jerma's videos are simple on the surface with interesting and surprisingly intricate backstories. Many examples of this include Bat Boy , who Jerma states is one of shittiest characters, and The Egg - one of the first characters to show up in Jerma's videos.

Factions and Sub-Species Edit


Byeah C

Although they're not technically characters, there are many groups of unique creatures and people that feature in many of Jerma's videos. One of the more popular groups of people/creatures are called the Byeahs, notable by the byeah noise that they/Jerma make. They appear in many videos, including: GTA4 Multiplayer: Commence The Meeting of "The Byeahs" and GTA4 Multiplayer: Fat Guys and The Dance Party [w/ STAR_]

Another one of the more popular factions seen in Jerma's videos include The Rats, First seen in the Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasure.