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Television companies and programsEdit

Super Television Acting AgencyEdit

The STAA is an agency that produces commercials. Jeremiah is a well known STAA actor. They may be owned by the TV Superstars company.

Frockstar with Randy DarlingEdit

Frockstar is a fashion show hosted by Randy Darling. Jeremiah guest starred on it once.

TV SuperstarsEdit

TV Superstars is a worldwide television agency that supplies Jeremiah with contracts to various TV shows and commercials. They have a magazine, called TV Superstars Magazine.

Cleaning toolsEdit

Toilet SheriffEdit

A spray used to clean toilets and kill germs. Their motto is "It's high noon for gamers, get germs!".

Food and DrinkEdit

Munce PiesEdit

A company that produces pies in Mega City One.


Rance ClubEdit

What can be assumed to be a nightclub in Mega City One.


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