Martin Van Buren (1782 - 1862) was the eighth president of The United States of America, and one of the most recognizable contenders of the Jerma Rumble.

Martin Van Buren's History Edit

After his supposed death, 152 years later he mysteriously—and randomlyappeared in Jerma Rumble 2 (2013) as the 12th contestant to whoop some ass. However, despite everyone knowing him, 50% of the audience googled his name after he was announced. He eliminated no one and was then eliminated by the Easter Bunny.

However, as shown during the "Deceased Wrestlers Highlight Reel" shown before the third Jerma Rumble, Martin Van Buren lost his life during a double-table spot. After diving from the top rope, to the outside, and putting Mario Byeah through two tables, resulting in Van Buren's tragic demise. However, Mario Byeah managed to survive the ordeal. Since this event, the annual "Martin Van Buren Wheelbarrow Race" event in New Orleans, Tennessee has seen record-breaking attendance in his honor.

He was also clearly the most recognizable president ever to exist. Praise the Buren!