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The Monopoly Guy is a player model from the game Spy Party, who made his first appearance in the video "Spy Party: It's Always The Monopoly Guy [w/ STAR_]." In the Spy Party game a player tasked with various mission objectives, such as having to swap out statues, or having to contact a double agent of the players choice without being shot by the second player who is playing as an assassin that has to figure out who the first player is based on the actions of the various party guests. This player model, dubbed The Monopoly Guy, who Jerma later stated looked more like Sir Topham Hatt than the actual Monopoly Guy, was a character Jerma would choose the most throughout the video and would almost always get shot instantly by Star. The Monopoly Guy's real name is Brimsworth Buckswaggle the 3rd, as seen in Spy Party's select screen.

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Jerma Rumble 2 Edit

The Monopoly Guy made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut when he entered the second Jerma Rumble at number 4 in the match. He was unable to eliminate anybody, and only lasted about 5 minutes before being eliminated by Gabe Newell.

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