Mr. Sneak Man is a wrestler and contender of the third Jerma Rumble, and both stream editions.

First Appearance Edit

Although his name is not mentioned, Mr. Sneak Man was first seen in the GTA 5 video "People Are Crazy", where he has 2 stars and apparently sneaks up behind a cop talking to himself, all of this while inside his car. He is later seen in the GTA Online video "Where Is The Love?" where he announces that his name is "Mr. Sneak Man." Moments later he gets ran over by a car. Later on in the video he does that again where he says that it's the sequel of his last attempt of apparently saying his name while walking in the middle of the road, he gets ran over by a car once again. The next part of the video he is seen on a motorcycle going in the wrong direction on a road with speeding cars, he says that this time he's on a motorcycle, after that he proceeds by jumping out of the motorcycle laughing in a maniacal way and then he gets instantly hit by a car. The last time he is seen in the world of GTA V is in the video "First Person Anger", where he is doing the middle finger while driving a car and he states that it's not really sneaky, later on he hits a car, then flies out of the car and dies as soon as he hits the ground.

Jerma Rumble Appearances Edit

Only after almost a year and half Mr. Sneak Man was seen as he is today on Jerma Rumble 3, during the Demon Lord Zeraxos' tirade, he responded to the cry of help of the peoples crawling from under the ring, as first seen the crowd went crazy with the loudest cheering ever seen on a Jerma Rumble event. He tries to sneak (as his name suggests) behind Demon Lord Zeraxos but was caught before he could make his move by his frantic speaking, he announced silently his name but then got kicked in the abdomen by Zeraxos, he then got punched in the back while he was recovering by his last hit, while he tries to roll away from the ring Zeraxos catches him and deals him another pounding on his back. Everyone's hope was lost after the failed attempt to save the day, but while Zeraxos was taunting, Mr. Sneak Man woke up and grabbed Zeraxos' left arm and then successfully throws him out of the stage making him hit and break the table, thus eliminating himself within the process, he then celebrates his success, making him the new local hero.

Jerma Rumble - Stream Edition Edit

Mr. Sneakman was called out by Jermamoon to ask if the two wanted to be tag-team partners. Mr. Sneakman thought this was a good idea and decided to be a team with Jermamoon in which the next match the two fought the Archmage and Lorag in a cage match. After the Archmage was the first to escape the cage(leaving Lorag to fend for himself), soon after Jermamoon escaped the cage leaving only Mr. Sneakman and Lorag in the cage. Mr. Sneakman relentlessly attacked Lorag(presumably being the piece of shit he is) even making Jerma ask why he just wouldn't climb the cage. Eventually Mr. Sneakman left Lorag and proceeded to claim a victory for himself and Jermamoon.

Physical Resemblance Edit

Mr. Sneak Man appears to be a a slightly deformed man with flat head, a large mouth, small ears , nose and eyes resembling a snake's head, he wears a green flat cap and a tiny black shirt that barely covers his chest with a green shield and a black snake on the front, he wears a big green cape and green short capris, he also wears black heels. The fact that he is wearing capris and heels, that are usually wore by women, may indicate that he is slightly inclined, or it's just a part of his costume to resemble more the appearance of a snake.

In the ring Edit

Mr. Sneak Man didn't really fight on the ring against normal opponents, it is unknown if it was programmed to come as a newcomer, his first and only elimination was Demon Lord Zeraxos, making him possibly one of the strongest fighter of them all, although his stats are unknown it is justified by the fact that he eliminated the strongest enemy (and rather quickly).

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Sneak Man's identity is yet to be revealed, but his real name may be Sneak Man.
  • Like Santa Clause, he may have been under the ring for hours.
  • For the only exception of Lord Zeraxos (and possibly The Apple, too), he is the strongest character.
  • As seen in the GTA V videos, he is making a movie called "Mr Sneak Man's movie" and it's composed of different episodes where he ends up usually killed.