Synopsis Edit

In order to learn more about Neurostory Electro-dumps, please find and purchase the Neurowiki Electro-dump and install the information directly to your brain drive. This video demonstrates the proper way to install information to the brain drive when using a Neurostory Electro-dump. You must first apply four electrodes to your face; two on your forehead, and two behind your ears, then you place the USB in your computer and start the electro-dump.

Known Electro-dumps Edit

  • Metal Gear series

Trivia Edit

  • This video marks the third time Jerma has been sent to the emergency room in a video or died.
  • The Electro-dump seems to be ineffective and dangerous as it causes puking, teeth chattering, and it ended up hospitalizing Jerma
Neurostory Electro-Dump

Neurostory Electro-Dump