"(Laughing) I fucking hope he does not win. He better not win."
Sluggo the Melted Action Figure is a character created by Etalyx on SharePlay, who made his first appearance in Jermania - Stream Edition 2016. Jerma considers him to be one of the worst Jerma Rumble characters ever made, despite not actually creating him.

Jermania - Stream Edition 2016 Edit

First Rumble (non-canon) Edit

Sluggo made his Jerma Wrestling Federation debut when he entered at number 17 in the 2016 Jerma Rumble, and during the match he gained a single elimination when he flipped Byeah #882 over the top rope. Sluggo lasted around 16 minutes and 15 seconds in the ring before being eliminated by James Madison via a dropkick over the top rope.

Second Rumble (canon) Edit

Sluggo made his actual Jerma Wrestling Federation debut when he entered the second 2016 Rumble, unfortunately for Sluggo he wasn't as lucky this time around as he didn't gain any eliminations, and only lasted about five minutes and 59 seconds in the ring.

Jermania - Stream Edition 2017 Edit

Sluggo appeared for the second time on the Jermania - Stream Edition 2017 Pre-Show, where he apparently got into a backstage arguement with The Fire Serpent that broke out into a brawl between the two. Early on during the brawl The Fire Serpent threw Sluggo through a door and into the dressing room/bathroom area, where almost the entire fight took place, where he then immediately slammed Sluggo's face into the door and beat him down with a steel chair. After about two minutes of fighting Sluggo manged the reverse a grab from The Fire Serpent before irish whipping him into a flat screen TV, where Sluggo then proceeded to spear The Fire serpent into the TV, smashing it into pieces. However The Fire Serpent got up almost immediately and threw Sluggo into the same broken TV screen before choke slamming him onto the floor, nearly knocking him out cold. But The Fire Serpent wasn't finished, as he picked up Sluggo one last time and threw him into a locker, where he then proceeded to pick up and powerbomb Sluggo onto a backpack, effectively killing him almost immediately on impact.