Sonic the Hedgehog, or just Sonic, is a video game character created by Sega. Sonic is also a wrestler, however he has never won a match.

After losing in both the inaugural Jerma Rumble as well as a handicap match with Pac-Man against Gabe Newell, coupled with the poor reviews and sales of his latest game, Sonic Boom, Sonic has fallen on hard times becoming a chain smoker and alcoholic. Jerma has noted on several occasions that he genuinely hates Sonic.

Origin Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog is a blue cartoon hedgehog, and also the fastest creature alive. Sonic has appeared in movies, television shows, comic books, and video games despite most of them being panned by critics and fans alike.

 Abilities Edit


Sonic preparing to do the Sonic Dash in Jerma Rumble Live Action


A drawn version of a Sonic in The Live Action Jerma Rumble after he was thrown down by Dick "Dastardly" Richard. (By Blordow Tunes)

Wrestling Edit

The Jerma Rumble! Edit

Sonic first debuted in the first ever Jerma Rumble. According to Jerma, he came to wrestling to redeem himself after the poor sales of his latest game. However,Gabe Newell eliminated him only one minute later with a powerbomb to the outside. Jerma barely mentioned Sonic on commentary during this time, instead praising the longevity of Gabe Newell, who was in the ring for almost 10 minutes at that time.


Sonic at the first Jerma Rumble

JERMANIA 2014! Edit

Sonic was in the first match of Jermania 2014, teaming up with Pac-Man against Gabe Newell in a handicap tornado tag match. The duo attacked Gabe with a chair before the match, revenge by Sonic for Gabe Newell being the one to eliminate him from the first Jerma Rumble. During the match Gordon Freeman ran to the ring. Shocking even Jerma, Gordon instead attacked Gabe Newell out of frustration at Half-Life 3 not being developed. The Spy ran down to help Gabe, taking out Freeman with a sledgehammer.

During the match Pac-Man, after picking up a chair, appears to have a brain aneurysm, standing still in the ring. Now essentially a one-on-one match Gabe Newell was able to hit a crucifix powerbomb on Sonic to win the match.

Jerma Rumble 3 Edit

Between Jermania and the Jerma Rumble, Sonic Boom was released to negative reviews and low sales. This reflects in Sonic's appearance forward, gaining a considerable amount of weight and sporting unkempt facial hair, a leather jacket, and either a cigarette or a bottle of beer, or both.

At Jerma Rumble 3 Sonic drunkenly walked to the ring, spitting at people in the crowd on the way, before being chokeslammed to hell by Zeraxos. Jerma notes that Sonic wasn't even supposed to come out, as his slot in the rumble match was later on.

Jerma Rumble - Live Action! Edit

Sonic is the eighth entry in the Live Jerma Rumble. Sonic, smoking a cigarette all the way, comes out with a beer bottle, that he throws into the empty audience, and a championship title belt. Jerma says that title is not for the JWF. It is unknown which promotion Sonic won this belt from, if any. Sonic sprints to the ring and hits his Sonic Dash without losing his cigarette. Dick "Dastardly" Richard throws Sonic over the top rope and eliminates him with a baseball slide.