"The sensible people that really appreciate what you're doing, don't even comment." - STAR_, "Just Talking"

Steven Serge, also known as STAR_ or ster, or Niichts,  is a YouTube user mostly known for creating gameplay commentaries for Team Fortress 2. He was very well known for playing various video games with Jerma and creating the "Jerma is Mad" series. He currently holds over 800,000 subscribers, and was considered one of the most influential TF2 players, if not the most. He was, at one time, considered one Jerma's closest and most reliable friends.

On one of STAR_/ster's streams, it was stated that they are not friends any more "On Ste'rs most recent stream "Game until plane. To Vegas" at 3:37:40 he says "15 dollars for a Jerma story? But all I have is that we're not friends anymore. So I don't have one." It's hard to tell if he's just making a joke or not, but people in chat then ask Ashley to clarify and about a minute later she says "talking about some stuff makes pointless drama on the internets. we'd rather avoid it. This sux." - submitted <time>11 days ago</time> by NaFeRn on Jermas Subreddit.

As previously stated, STAR_ had collaborated with Jerma various times over the years. Their most well-known videos and mishaps will be recorded below, with the exception of "Jerma is Mad".

Misadventures With Jerma Edit

Grand Theft Auto Edit

Jerma and STAR_ have played the Grand Theft Auto series alot, most notably GTA 4. Majority of their GTA 4 videos result in Jerma and STAR_ running around in free mode, while STAR_ manipulates the game world using cheats and mods. Annually they include more than one person into their videos, such as the Incredible Orb, but it's a rare chance when they did. It is also where the infamous "Truck Punchline" originated.

Examples of what STAR_ does to mess around in the game are:

  • Spawning in objects, vehicles (mostly trucks), and NPCs.
  • Heavily increasing the speed of vehicles.
  • Glitching into the "Ghost World".
  • Using a variety of mods, such as "Carmageddon".
  • Using Godmode, and manipulating the effects of weapons.

Team Fortress 2 Edit

Besides the "Jerma Is Mad" series, Jerma and STAR_ have played TF2 together on various occasions.

Bloody Trapland and R.I.P.D. The Video Game Edit

Jerma and STAR_ had quite the unique experience when playing the 2-D platforming game, Bloody Trapland. The main point to the game was to make it through excruciatingly difficult obstacle courses without dying. During the second video, STAR_ continued to ask if Jerma would play Rest In Peace Department with him. When STAR_ uploaded the video days later, Jerma pointed out that STAR_ had been asking Jerma to play with him for two weeks, proving his point that it wasn't worth it since the game itself was below average.

Jerma Rumble Edit

Jerma Rumble Edit

STAR_ is involved in this rumble, but looks absolutely nothing like his physical counterpart. This version is African American, wearing casual clothes. Jerma used to do this often to play around with the running gag that people didn't know what STAR_ looked like at the time. He is later eliminated by Danny Devito.

Jerma Rumble 2 Edit

During Jerma Rumble 2, STAR_ had the honor of being the first contestant in the line-up of wrestlers that would later be seen. He is eliminated by Grandpa 5 minutes in.

Jermania 2014Edit

Ster was not a participant in Jermania 2014 but he was part of the audience during grandpa's Gauntlet match where grandpa gets angry at him, ster was having none of that so he punched grandpa in the face and left the stadium irritated.

Jerma Rumble: Live Action Edit

Ster plays the role of the Christmas Tree in Jerma Rumble 4, and is eliminated by the Giant Rat by being knawed by the Rat's teeth.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • STAR_ got married to his girlfriend, Ashley Lange sometime during Summer-Fall of 2015.
  • This should probably be obvious, but STAR_'s "ster_" nickname comes off as a play of his last name, Serge, by removing the G and the "E" suffix at the end, but combining it with his internet name. Giving you the result.
  • STAR_ is younger than Jerma by an unknown amount.
  • STAR_ started on YouTube on May 30th, 2007. The first video on his channel is a tutorial on how to play carefully as a scout, uploaded January 22, 2011. Although many fans have stated that he has uploaded videos earlier than that.
  • It has been confirmed by the man who plays Carl Griffinsteed that STAR_ is indeed The Christmas Tree in Jerma Rumble - Live Action, Saying: "ster was the christmas tree, he was there day two"
  • STAR_ is known to rarely express his feelings towards Jerma, or complement him, presumably he finds this difficult. He did, however, give the impression to deem him a very close friend.
  • According to Jerma, STAR_ and his wife, Ashley, have 4 kids, with a 5th on the way, all of them named Greg.

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