The Pencil is a professional wrestler and a No. 2 pencil. He was first introduced as the fifteenth competitor in Jerma Rumble 3. Coming from the land of, "Your neighborhood classroom," the Pencil entered the Jerma Rumble well prepared, stating that he sharpened his head to the point where he could stab someone in the heart and instantly kill him. He was able to survive to the final two in Jerma Rumble 3, where he was faced against crowd favorite and Jerma Rumble Veteran, Gabe Newell. The Pencil was losing badly to Gabe and after a devastating blow from Gabe, he feigned a broken leg in order to drop Gabe's guard, using this to counter and ultimately win the match. Spectators were devastated and enraged by the Pencil's actions, however while his actions are controversial, he was ultimately crowned the victor of Jerma Rumble 3.

In the arena Edit

The pencil was introduced as 15th contendant during the Jerma Rumble 3. After Jerma's entrance, The Pencil tried to push Miserable Mikey out while Bat Boy was looking left and right. After battling with Miserable Mikey, The Pencil was able to toss him out of the ring, making Miserable Mikey his first and last honest elimination.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Jerma stated that he sharpened himself very finely for his participation in the Rumble, his head stll looks quite dull.
  • Though he might be one of the weakest characters, he regardless became a Jerma Rumble champion.
  • He is entirely naked, save for his belt.
  • He is the first shitty character to win a Jerma Rumble, the second being The Disco Diaper.
    • However, neither of them won through legitimate or fair means (Pencil winning via cheap shot and The Disco Diaper winning because his dead body was in the ring the entire time).