The Vumps are a family that participated Family Feud, appearing first in a livestream of the game. In the video "Here Come The Vumps", the Vump family is featured. The origin of the family's name comes from a code, won by Jerma, given to the winning family: "BLKVMP". The (somewhere around) five person family made appearances in the second and last stream Jerma had of Family Feud.

The Vumps consist of:

  • Rodney Vump - Son of Peggy and Earl. Quote: "not a real person".
  • Peggy Vump - Mother of Rodney and wife to Earl. Is "the strongest one".
  • Earl Vump - Husband to Peggy and father of Rodney.
  • And some other people no one cares about

Appearances Edit

 Gallery Edit


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